Dynamic Speedy

Dynamic Speedy Realty (DSR) was founded in 2006 under the conveyance of the chairman -

Shabbir Damji. 


The company’s objective has been to cater to the home decor needs of freehold properties in Dubai. Evolving since then our establishment now advices/guides premium clients on their investments in Dubai and manages their properties acting as the landlord’s front face. 


Apace with, DSR also carries out luxury home renovations while providing exceptional quality workmanship & services. To guarantee your investment in us, we commit and cater to a smaller  assemblage of clients, so as not to push those due dates behind.  

Why Us?
Why Us?

We named our company Dynamic Speedy because it signifies what we offer and how we are at it!

Our work meets the brief, takes the weight off clients’ shoulders and leaves them delighted with the results.


We achieve solutions because:
We understand business

We are precise, quick and efficient
We know how integrated communications work


We care about our reputation,

doing a good job really matters to us!.

 – Shabbir Damji